Kid Cooking Class #3: Pizza!

What kid doesn’t love pizza?!  Well, as I learned when we made pizzas with my son’s first grade class… that would be a little girl named Violet.


I thought I had a sure-fire winner when I told the class we’d be making pizzas.  I bought dough from Whole Foods and made sure I let it sit out for a little while before the kids started rolling it out.  I had half the group start on their dough.  It was really helpful to have precut individual parchment paper for each student.


The other half of the group chopped carrots, red bell peppers and fresh basil we gathered from the school garden.  It was at this point that half the kids said they wanted pepperoni.  Or they hated vegetables.  And that little girl Violet told me she didn’t eat pizza.  I reminded them that things taste lots better when you make them all by yourself.  And for the real tough customers like Violet, I explained that cooking is often an act of giving, so they were welcome to share whatever they made with special someone.

The groups switched then they all added sauce and cheese.  A lot of them decided to make faces out of the veggies —>


While the pizzas cooked,  the kiddos completed their “recipes” by drawing the ingredients they used and then writing them below, too.


The pizzas came out great.  And my pal Violet ate her whole pie!  She told me she definitely agreed that things taste better when you make them with your own hands.

#kids #cooking #WholeFoods #pizza


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