Kid Cooking Class #1


They call it “Twisted Tuesday” in my son’s first grade class.  And I think my brain might have been slightly twisted when I volunteered to teach the cooking portion of these sessions.  Basically, each Tuesday morning, I get eight students for half an hour.  We make something in the teachers’ lounge kitchen.  And then I repeat with two more groups the next two Tuesdays that month.  It honestly might be easier to herd cats in a weekly rainstorm.  But it’s also turned out to be a heck of a lot of fun.

For the first class, at the advice of the teacher, we kept things very simple.  First, we went over the rules.  This is the sign I keep posted every time we cook:


And then, we made a snack mix.  I know that sounds kind of lame, but it was actually the perfect project to get to know the kids’ personalities, and for them to get to know me.  To get started, we popped our own popcorn.  This was a big hit.  I think some of them had never seen corn pop before!  They each got to measure one teaspoon of kernels into the machine.


Then, the kids were able to add on to their popcorn.  I offered pretzels, goldfish, Chex cereal,  raisins and mini M&M’s


By the way, I made a trip to our local dollar store before our first class and stocked up on plastic bowls (four for 99-cents), plastic spoons and knives and other platters and ingredients.  I also bought several big silver mixing bowls from our local restaurant supply store for less than five dollars a piece.

The kids all ended up loving their first experience “cooking” in the kitchen.  And I ended up gaining a bit more confidence to help them do more than throws some snacks in a Ziploc the next month…


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