We heart Valentine’s Day at our house!

We just finished the Valentine’s Day cards in the nick of time for my kiddo’s class party!  I know you’ve probably seen this cute Goldfish idea on Pinterest?


We got lucky and found fish bowl shaped plastic baggies at Michael’s, and just used clip art we found for free online and little heart stickers to complete the project!  Word of warning: we used Whole Grain Goldfish and they started to leave a kinda gross oily stain on the paper.  Yikes.  Makes you think twice about what our little guys are putting in their tummies, right?

Anyway, here’s the Pinterest idea we did last year… everyone loved it!


And here was the project we made for his kindergarten class party:


Pretty self explanatory!  The “love bugs” were made of pom poms, google eyes and heart stickers.  The “hugs” were paper hearts, goggly eyes and folded pink paper strips.

And finally, for the adults in our family, we have a really fantastic tradition.

photo 2

My husband and I are both wine lovers.  So awhile back, I decided to do this: each Valentine’s Day I buy a really nice bottle (usually about $75-$100).  For the first couple years, we just saved the bottles.  Then on the 3rd year, we opened the 1st bottle I’d given him to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  On the 4th year, we opened the 2nd bottle.  On the 5th year, the 3rd.  You get the idea!  Now we always have a really fantastic bottle of wine to look forward to.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! #valentine #valentinesday


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