DIY Travel Collage

My mom trained me from a very young age to take as many teensy shampoo bottles and soaps from hotels as I could hide in my luggage.  I’ve honed this travel skill through the years and now hoard every drink coaster, ticket stub and restaurant business card I can get my hands on, too.  But then it all just sits in a plastic bin in my garage.  Until now.  Behold, the Travel Collage!


I recently gathered my favorite “souvenirs” from our recent trip to Spain.  Then I took a quick trip to Michael’s for a bottle of the magical Mod Podge my son’s kindergarten teacher introduced me to (40 percent off with my weekly coupon, of course). Matte, by the way.  Plus a square canvas and a foam brush.


Just follow the instructions on the bottle and… Voila!  A cool way to display my favorite memories of our trip on the new “Travel Wall” I’m planning for our family room.  Now if only I could figure out a cool way to display all of those cute little soaps and shampoo bottles.


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